Project Description

Honest and Reliable. During the spring of 2011 Avarice Images was still in the throes of being a family hobbyist passion about cameras and photography. With a fairly keen eye on the second user market from a few years of personal upgrades we felt that we could offer a good service, having been that consumer looking for some good reliable 2nd user photography equipment. Although we knew what we wanted from the business and how we thought the business model could work, we lacked the necessary understanding required to set a business up from scratch. Having talked to a few associates that had started their own businesses over the course of the last few years, one Accountancy business that seemed to really fit with our needs was mentioned. This was Figures UK. Following on from a call to Jason at Figures UK, we met to discuss what our current business plans were and it soon became apparent that Figures UK were to become a huge wealth of knowledge for our business, not only from a start up point, but also how to conduct week to week record keeping through to VAT advice and Tax queries. Whilst all these services have been offered by Figures UK, where we have decided to conduct the work such as VAT returns ourselves, Figures UK have helped immensely to ensure we have correct level of information to be able to complete the work, efficiently and legally. Over the course of the last 3 years, Avarice Images Ltd has launched it’s own brand, Snappygear, complete with it’s very own bespoke website and whilst through these times of evolution of the business, Figures UK have provided advice and ideas along the way that has made the businesses feel much more of a partnership than a transactional function. We are now moving into our 4th year of trading and following further updates from our most recent meeting with Figures UK we are now entering a period of increasing our online present using ideas put forward during that meeting. Being an electronic retailer online, the fact that Figures UK are looking at systems and ways to take more information from our sales and regenerate this into real statistics that allows us to stream line our next generation of sales by way of their online book keeping and reporting systems means that our growth continues to go from strength to strength each year and really delivers a huge value from Figures UK and it’s team. For us here at Avarice Images Ltd, we see Figures UK as being an instrumental part of our business and see the value beyond the simple Accountancy services it can provide to deliver a real growing strategy providing a huge value and asset. Rob Stevens- Managing Director